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SEO is search engine optimization. In basic terms this is how likely a search provider like Google is to put you higher up in the search results. Roots in Tech works on optimizing your site and other ranking factors to help you rank higher. This is different then ads in the way that this is for long term growth where as ads are a quick boost. We recommend using both ads and SEO to help your business grow.


We bill our SEO work a little differently than most agencies. Instead of charging per month, per keyword, per location we just charge our hourly rate. Over time this will save you tons of money! You get exactly how much you want or need and we will focus on the areas you want whether its technical SEO, posts/blogs/articles, backlinking efforts and more.  


Basic SEO is also included in almost all of our site builds and our convenient plans which include hosting, common plugins, domain and more. Once such plugin that is in our plans is Rank Math Pro. Easily allowing added of meta data, schema markups, alt texts and much more. For our more advanced hourly SEO we have a suite of tools that give us an edge and increases our speed considerably compared to some other agencies. Reports or metrics are also available if that’s something that interests you,

Remember with SEO it is a long term investment that in most cases pays off. Due to the nature of SEO its never a guarantee but in most cases SEO done right does pay off better then ads when you consider the longevity of SEO on your website and also off site.