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Backup Emails and More from Google and Microsoft

Automatically protect and backup your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 emails, calendar, contacts, drive, tasks and more. Then in the event of a deleted email or other issue we can restore any file or email that was backed up on demand! Don’t take a chance on your business critical emails and files. 

Dropsuite Email Backups

Simplify management of backups for your email as well as more if you use Google Workspace or Micorsoft 365 Business. Don’t let your business critical Emails, Drive Files, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and more get lost in the event of accidental deletion or worse. Protect your business today with Dropsuite provided by Roots in Tech!

Plus you get the Roots in Tech Difference. Easy support from an actual person. While support is paid at the hourly rate we can save a ton of time. We aim to solve issues in a timely manor and have to tools and connections to do so. Gone are the days of wasting weeks in back and forth emails and calls. Relax and enjoy the Roots in Tech Difference!

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Support is offered at the usual hourly rate only. The benefit here is that we do offer support and can usually get things done faster than with Dropsuite directly. That being said occasionally we are limited by Dropsuites support speed depending on the issue.  Set-up fees are $50 CAD for the first user and $25 per additional user.   

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Roots in Tech charges $50 CAD for the first setup and then $25 CAD for each additional setup.

We offer primarily monthly with a year commitment. If you pay yearly with the yearly commitment you get 8% off. 

Dropsuite works with most IMAP/POP3 email accounts such as Google & Microsoft personal accounts. That being said one none Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Business mailboxes some features may not apply. 

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