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Grow your business with Google Workspace

Google Workspace plans provide professional custom email as well as a host of productivity tools for your business. Enjoy tools like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Slides and Meet. Simplify your workflow and look more professional with your custom email such as [email protected]!

Every Google Workspace plan includes:

Google Gmail
Google Drive
Google Meet
Google Calendar
Google Chat
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google Keep
Google Sites
Google Forms
Google AppSheet

Plus the Roots in Tech Difference. Easy support from an actual person. While support is paid at the hourly rate we can save a ton of time. We aim to solve issues in a timely manor and have to tools and connections to do so. Gone are the days of wasting weeks in back and forth emails with Google. Relax and enjoy the Roots in Tech Difference!

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If you prefer a month-month commitment Contact Us to discuss. It does have additional cost.

Google workspace accounts are not eligible for any refunds or credits. Support is offered at the usual hourly rate only. The benefit here is that we do offer support and can usually get things done faster that Google. That being said occasionally we are limited by Googles support speed depending on the issue.  Set-up fees are $100 CAD for the first user and $50 per additional user. Migrations are extra at the usual hourly rate. 

There is a limit of a maximum of 300 users on Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus plans. Enterprise plans have no minimum or maximum amount of users. Occasionally Google may give access to additional features for a limited promotional period.  

All Google Workspace plans hold a auto-renewing yearly commitment. It is your responsibility to email Roots in Tech Inc. with confirmation of receipt prior to your renewal date if you wish to cancel.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest upgrades using Google Workspace is custom business email such as [email protected] or [email protected]. Also there is additional cloud storage available across Gmail and Google Drive to help keep your emails and files safe and preserved. The business grade services such as increased security, administrative controls, SSO, two-step authentication and extra Google Meet features all make Google Workspace a big upgrade from a basic free Google Account.

Yes if you set it up for this. Gmail and your documents stored in Drive can be viewed and edited offline and be sent/saved when you acquire and internet connection again.

Roots in Tech charges $100 CAD for the first user and then $50 CAD for each additional user. With us setting up your Google Workspace there is a ton of benefits such as:

  • Additional Security
  • We deal with Google
  • Extra Support
  • Having it how you want it
  • Less Hassle
  • Saving Time 

Setup includes all the items in this list of recommended setup from Google for small businesses. 

For larger businesses or those that want more we also offer this list of recommended settings and setup recommended for businesses with more than 100 accounts. These extra settings are extra in addition to the setup in the list above. We can also meet in the middle somewhere if you require only some of these. 

We offer primarily monthly with a year commitment. If you pay yearly with the yearly commitment you get 8% off. 


We can offer month to month without the annual commitment but at an increased rate. Contact us to discuss.


The yearly commitment auto renews unless you contact us with confirmation of receipt from Roots in Tech.

Roots in Tech offers a service called Dropsuite. Dropsuite backs up all your emails, drive files, contacts, calendar events and more so in the event Google loses your data, your account is compromised or deleted or  if you accidently delete it we can recover it. Dropsuite has a monthly or yearly cost per account but is quite affordable especially when you consider the peace of mind.

If you already have Google Workspace through Google or another provider it does not require a migration and is very easy to do. All your data remains intact and the billing is just switched to us. Then you can take advantage of our exceptional service and support!

In this case it would be a migration where we import all your emails and other data that is possible to transfer over. There is a cost for this service hourly but it is not overly time consuming unless you have a non typical setup.

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